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What is El Paso in Texas famous for – answers.com – El Paso is famous for many things, things that people don’t really know, like our famous Chico’s Taco’s a restaurant chain only located and originating in El Paso. El Paso, TX Natural Disasters and Weather Extremes – USA.com – USA.com / Texas / El Paso, TX / Natural Disasters and.

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It is not known where richard ramirez lived in El Paso, TX. Richard Ramirez was a serial killer and a rapist known as the Night Stalker.

University of Texas – El Paso, commonly known as UTEP, calls the city its home. Known for the unique fortress-esque look of its campus, expect to see pickaxe art everywhere and the pickaxe symbol thrown up all around town.

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Unfortunately now in many areas of the USA, El Paso is known for drug traffickers and being next to Juarez. Often people will ask you if you live in El Paso, when you’re leaving because isn’t the violence getting too bad.

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Fact 7 El Paso County’s yselta del sur pueblo, Tigua Indian Reservation is one of the two Indian reservations in the state of Texas. Fact 8 This is the state’s.

Politically, El Paso is deep blue, known in Texas for its welcoming stance toward immigrants and asylum seekers. So an immigrant’s illegal detainment in El Paso County seems especially surprising..

El Paso History Facts and Timeline (El Paso, Texas – TX, USA) The known history of El Paso dates back to the pre-Columbian era, when indigenous tribes such as the Suma and Jumano Indians roamed the region.

El Paso is a city in West Texas bordering New Mexico and Mexico. Notorious for authentic Mexican cuisine, I was ecstatic to visit this vibrant city in early September. As I am not a local, most of my college friends grew up in El Paso, and were nice enough to show me their favorite foods. Even.